Bible Study

New Study Beginning 9/10 at 6:30 

This new study will be looking at several Old Testament books to see how God uses different people, in different ways, to accomplish His Mission. This study will meet every Monday at the same time and place. Come prepared to answer these questions: What does God's Word say? What does it mean? What does it mean to me? For more information on this study method, click HERE.

This will be lead by Pam and Susan.

For more info email: 

Click Below for the reading plan and Schedule

Prayer Meetings

Revival Prayer:

Focused prayer for revival, meets on Thursday mornings from 6:45 - to 7:45am. Call for more info! 


Call: (207) 773-3123

Women's Prayer Group:

Meets every Tuesday morning at 7am in the Parlor. This is a time of connecting, encouraging, and prayer. Prayer for one another, our church, our community, and missionaries serving abroad. Call for more information!

Call: (207) 773-3123


Looking to mentor or be mentored? Contact Pam for more info!

Call: (207) 536-4891




Volleyball in November will meet on the 2nd and 3rd Tuesday of the month (11/13 & 11/20). For more info contact Karen! 

Call: (207) 767-3243


Book Club:

4th Friday of the month at 3:45 in the Parlor. On September 28th, the discussion will be on the "The Problem of Pain" By C.S. Lewis. For more info email Terry!



Create for a Cause

Prayer Shawls:

Do you knit or crochet? Want to help provide shawls to our members that are unable to attend church due to a variety of challenges?

Hats for Children in Asia:

Help knit warm hats for children!



Contact Claudia for more info!

Call: (207) 712-5150