Missed Jimmy DeYoung? Listen Online!
Monday, October 06 2014 19:52

 Missed Jimmy DeYoung on Sunday night? No problem. You can listen online here.

Last Updated on Monday, October 06 2014 19:54
Pastor Keith on WBCI, Part 5 - Listen Online!
Thursday, October 02 2014 15:16

Pastor Keith was recently featured on WBCI and we wanted to share these messages with you. This is the fifth of five that will be featured weekly. Click here to listen.

Last Updated on Monday, October 06 2014 19:54
Dr. Jimmy DeYoung speaking this Sunday night!
Thursday, September 25 2014 13:16

Dr. Jimmy DeYoung will be with us at this Sunday's evening service! DeYoung is a prophecy teacher and journalist whose goal is to equip Christians with the knowledge and understanding of what God's Word says will happen someday soon, so that they can make better decisions today. You don't want to miss it!

Last Updated on Thursday, September 25 2014 13:16
Missed the Annual Bible Conference? Listen Here!
Friday, September 19 2014 17:25

Did you miss Ed Hindson's teaching at the Annual Bible conference? No problem! We have both messages recorded here.

Last Updated on Friday, September 19 2014 17:26

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