Adult Discipleship Classes

Classes meet at 10:05am on Sunday mornings.  We have two classes this summer:

Your Life in Christ - a 4 week Bible study led by Mark Rao and Quinn and Katya Martin meets in Room 250 (across the balcony).  If you have decided to follow Jesus and you want to know what this should look like, then this is the class for you!  The topics of this study, which involves looking up Scripture and writing what you find, include (1) God Cares for You (2) The Person of Jesus Christ, (3) The Work of Christ and (4) The Spirit Within You. 

A Survey of Church History, Part 3 (A.D. 1500-1620) - a 12-week DVD series led by Ron Cote which will meet in Room 251.  This DVD series is on the Reformation and is taught by W. Robert Godfrey, president of Westminster Seminary and professor of Church History.  The 16th century brought huge changes in economics, government and culture in Europe.  This crucial century witnessed a powerful renewal of biblical Christianity.  Amid opposition and uncertainty, faithful Christian leaders expressed a passion for the gospel and a commitment to the authority of Scripture that have influenced generations of believers.  Dr. Godfrey brings to life the stories of those who dedicated their lives to proclaiming the truth of God's Word in the Protestant Reformation.

FMI about either of these classes, please call the church office at 773-3123.


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